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This year we stand united in times of COVID-19. 2020 has seen many challenges for the SBH community and they have demonstrated how important it is to work together to advance and protect the rights of individuals with SBH and their families.

To celebrate IF has organised the first ever international webinar for WSBHD, with panelists from every country chapter. Where we will explore the progress which has been achieved and what the ambitions are for the future of the global SBH community.

IF also launched the #HappyWSBHD challenge on social media, you can find testimonies from individuals with SBH and messages for WSBHD by searching for the hashtags #HappyWSBHD and #WSBHD20 on Facebook and Twitter.

You can read more on WSBHD20 here.

The WSBHD20 toolkit is available here.

Missed the WSBHD20 online event? Watch the video here.



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