2020 THEME

WSBHD20: united in times of COVID-19


The lives of all persons around the world have somehow been impacted by COVID-19 from an economic, social and/or health point of view, among other aspects. The SBH community has not been an exception. For that reason, IF selected the theme ‘WSBHD20: united in times of COVID-19’, in order to focus on the experiences of the SBH community during the coronavirus pandemic. 



As every year, IF is looking forward to joining its Members and the SBH community to celebrate this important day. Therefore, IF has developed key messages (both as text and as posters in JPG format) to facilitate raising awareness on #WSBHD20. We invite you all to get involved and spread the word: the SBH community is united in times of COVID-19.

For the celebration of this WSBHD, IF also wants to show the unity and engagement of the worldwide SBH community, especially during these difficult times. Therefore, IF launches the #HappyWSBHD challenge! 

When you share messages, posters or your challenge, please do not forget to tag IF so we receive the notification of your contribution. In this way, we can more easily join forces to celebrate the #WSBHD20.

All the necessary information and links about the posters, #HappyWSBHD challenge and IF social media accounts can be found in the social media toolkit.


Posters with key messages to be shared through social media and among your network

You will find all the materials and information for the celebration of #WSBHD20 in this social media toolkit



All the materials and social media toolkit published by IF intends to facilitate everyone to join us and celebrate #WSBHD20​ so please, feel free to share this information widely among your network.

You will have until October 25 (included) to join the #HappyWSBHD challenge. Do not forget to tag IF and add the hashtag to your post, so IF can keep track of all the contributions. 

For any general question about WSBHD 2020, please send an email to info@ifglobal.org